Re: Further encryption of email addresses?

2000-02-18 06:59:41
At 04:45 PM 02/17/2000 , Nathaniel Irons wrote:
> I need to find a way to further encrypt the email addresses in a
> mhonarc web archive.
Do you really want to encrypt them, or do you just want to obscure them?
Please be more specific.

At this point, I want to encrypt them ... I had someone farming email addresses from the web archive and they (apparently) were able to decode the rot13.

> In addition, I need to find a way to encrypt email addresses that are
> included in the body of a message ... not just in the headers.
Good luck with that.  There's a 6600-byte regular expression to
recognize legal email addresses included with Jeffrey Friedl's O'Reilly
regex book, but I've never seen it implemented in the wild.

I'd go for a good guess.


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