Re: Further encryption of email addresses?

2000-02-18 16:21:59
On February 18, 2000 at 06:10, David Gibbs wrote:

Do you really want to encrypt them, or do you just want to obscure them?
Please be more specific.

At this point, I want to encrypt them ... I had someone farming email 
addresses from the web archive and they (apparently) were able to decode 
the rot13.

Hmm, the harvesting would have had to know about the small variation
mhonarc does since a regular email address expression will not
detect an address, even if a traditional rot13 is done before it.
Note, the rot13 is only done on the comment declaration at the
top of each message page.  Message header addresses are completly
masked out in SPAMMODE and message body data is not touched.
Therefore, you have to check the entire message page to see
if there is address data that can be harvested independent of
the rot13 address in the comments.

If you want your "encryption" of the address in the message page's
comment declaration, you can change the implementation of
mrot13() function in  MHonArc does assume the following
behavior of the funtion:

    $data eq mrot13(mrot13($data))

is true.

In addition, I need to find a way to encrypt email addresses that are
included in the body of a message ... not just in the headers.
Good luck with that.  There's a 6600-byte regular expression to
recognize legal email addresses included with Jeffrey Friedl's O'Reilly
regex book, but I've never seen it implemented in the wild.

I'd go for a good guess.

Here is what mhonarc uses (from

##  Regexp for address/msg-id detection (looks like cussing in cartoons)
$AddrExp = q%[^()<>@,;:\/\s"'&|]+(_at_)[^()<>@,;:\/\s"'&|]+%;


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