MHonArc: Zip Distribution and Mirror Sites

2000-02-19 20:12:27
MHonArc Users,

It looks like the experiment to phase out the zip distribution will be
put on hold since it appears that some popular archive/decompression
software for Windows-based users still does not support tar/gz, or does
not support it very well (I will ignore the personal attacks I received
about this issue -- which I find interesting since the attacks came
from people who have never contributed to MHonArc's development).
Therefore, a zip distribution is now available.

I would like to note that there is absolutely NO file content
difference between the tar/gz, tar/bz2, and zip distributions.
Therefore, to conserve bandwidth, if you can handle the better
compressed files, please make them your choice for download.

The other item to annouce is mirror sites for MHonArc:

    Home address:
        <> (USA, Mid-West)
        <> (USA, West Coast) 
        <> (USA, Mid-West) 

<> will no longer
redirect you to <>, but will be a mirror
of its contents.

Note, when recent changes are made to <>,
there may be a time delay for mirrors to reflect the changes.


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