YYYYMM web interface?

2000-02-26 00:24:09


My apologies if this is has been covered before, but I had
no luck finding it in the doc or list archives.

mhonarc seems to cover the conversion of archived mail files
from my ezmlm archive to html just fine.  I'm also using a
script I found on the mailing list archives to generate
YYYYMM subdirectories for my mhonarc data, but the missing
component is the "main" front-end to those subdirs ala

Rather than re-invent the wheel, does the code to generate
this type/style of front page exist somewhere? Is it part
of the mhonarc distribution and I missed it?  

I think the search portion of the mhonarc mailing list is
glimpse.  I haven't picked a search engine to use yet
myself.  Are there any particular favorites out there?


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