Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

2000-02-29 11:24:02

I am having a weird problem.  I notice when I convert the attached email, that
the output doesn't match my expectations.

I have included an example mail log as an attachment (inputmsg).  This only has
one message in it, so it should be easy to check out and see what I am talking

Note that the email message in this mail log has two lines of equal signs
acting as an ASCII frame around the "How to unsubscribe..." message.
However, the web page that MHonArc builds changes these equal signs to
ugly "Ý" characters.  Weird.

To see this problem, run the following command (again note that "inputmsg" is
the attached file).  This command assumes you have a subdirectory named "test"
to put the MHonArc output file.  Obviously change this if you like.

  mhonarc -outdir ./test inputmsg

The problem seems to be that the emails have the following line in the header

  Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable

When I take this line out of the header, MHonArc leaves the equal signs alone.

Is there an easier way to get MHonArc to leave the equal signs alone instead
of removing the "Content-Transfer-Encoding: quoted-printable" line from all
offending emails?  Is this a bug in MHonArc?


--- Begin Message ---
Message from: "Brian Cameron" <myname(_at_)myisp(_dot_)com> (to 

Check out the forwarded message


--(forwarded message follows)--

This is my forwarded message

unsubscribe from the mymaillist mailing list, send email to
majordomo(_at_)myisp(_dot_)com, with the single line "unsubscribe mymaillist"
in the message *body*.

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