Re: archiving and searching

2000-03-15 16:02:11
It appears that Excite is the problem. So, are there any good suggestions
about what index/search software to use for a Solaris 2.7 platform? I am
using Majordomo and I understand that Wilma is available to interface
Majordomo with Glimpse. However, I also understood that the newer versions
of Glimpse had a problem adding new messages to the archive and that it
would be a good idea to use an older version. Is that still true, and if
so, where can I find older versions?

There was a thread about this back in February:

   My response:
200002130700(_dot_)BAA29372(_at_)glorfindel(_dot_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu -->

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