Re: .txt files as attachments and not inline ?

2000-03-17 12:19:36
On March 14, 2000 at 08:56, "Juan Del Rey" wrote:

I would like to put as attachment all text files sent as attachments. 

1. Tried to modify the text/* property in the <MIMEFilters> to let MH use the
 m2h_external::filter; but in this case, all the message and his attachment a
re converted as attach.

2. Trid to erase the text/* line and put a text/txt line using m2h_external::
filter; . Doesn't work : text is inline.

So any idea ??

You need a text filter that recognizes the Content-Disposition
setting for text data.  The default text/plain filter provided
for MHonArc should do this, but it currently does not.  I'll
put it on my TODO list.

If you need something immediately and you know Perl, you can
write a custom filter to do what you want.


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