Using mhonarc as a news archiver

2000-03-31 07:52:01

we want to use Mhonarc to make html-style archives out of some of our
internal newsgroups.

While all is clear with using Mhonarc itself, there is the quesion how
to convert news data into mail data. The only package I could find was
a pretty old Mail2News script written by Rich Salz (The creator of
the INN).

We want to make the archives directly on the server, by accessing the
var/spool/news directory.

- are there any "up to date" mail --> news converters suitable for
news including MIME-style attachments?
- has anyone a "cookbook example" how to set up an archive service for
news, build with mhonarc?

Thanks for help!

Gaia eV, Stuttgart/Germany

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