Re: Installation help

2000-04-05 21:38:07
On March 31, 2000 at 12:04, Steve Lanzet wrote:

I am interested in using MHonArc to do the following:
I want to have email messages sent from another location carbon copied direct
ly into MHonArc categorized by subject.  From the information that I read, I 
believe this is possible if the cc: on the original email is the MHonArc addr
ess that has been set up.  
I know very little about UNIX or Perl.  If the above requirement is doable, i
s there somewhere that I can get technical support for the setup and prelimin
ary maintenance?

This list is the tech support for MHonArc.

If you have no experience with UNIX and mail software, you may have
to contract someone to do the setup for you.  Someone who can access
your systems.

Note, some free advice can be gotten if you give more specifics on
your system setup, what mailing list software you are using (if any),


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