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2000-04-05 21:37:22
On April 4, 2000 at 21:18, J C Lawrence wrote:

Can I extract bits of the messages that MHonArc is processing as
$string$, such as specific header fields and the message body
itself?  Can I get them with escaped quotes?

The only header fields are the ones that have resource variables
for.  There is no builtin method to access arbitrary fields.

As for the message body, currently no.  Legacy archive message files
would not support it.  Need to think how to deal with old message
file cases to support the placement of the message body and header
in any location.

What I'd like to do is to use MHonArc and PHP together to create
archives that have a "reply" button that allows the browsing user to
easily reply to a message in the archives.  This in itself is not
difficult to do -- except that I don't see how to get MHonArc to do
its end:

  To extract specific headers from the archives messages into
$VARIABLES$ with any quotes escaped.  For instance, say
$FROM_HEADER$ might be "\"Bubba Smith\" <bubba(_at_)redneck(_dot_)net>".

From information is available with the various $FROM*$ resource
variables.  Maybe using the :J modifier may provide the escaping
you need.

  To extract the body of the message,, and without MHonArc's
HTML-ising of email addresses and URLs (ie no a-ref insertions) as
another variable with escaped quotes.  eg $MESSAGE_BODY$="Hi
Boffo!\nI went and saw \"Titanic\" with the wife last night...".

Message body is static once converted.

Code changes, or a custom version, is probably required to get
what you want.

Note, you may be able to create custom mime filters to output
PHP code for message bodies.


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