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2000-04-08 16:01:59
On April 8, 2000 at 09:11, J C Lawrence wrote:

I was asking about ways to affect/edit/filter what MHonArc decides
is the root part (MIME sense) of the message as contained in the
generated HTML file.  Don't think that matters much tho if I can do
the here file thing.

Wrt MIME, MHonArc goes by the Content-Type field of the message
header.  If multipart, then each subpart determines its own
content-type.  Message parsing is recursive because of this.  Each
filter returns the HTML for each subpart and they are concatenated

All message body data conversion is controled through the functions
registered via MIMEFILTERS.  Message headers, including embedded
message/rfc822 data, is controled by a built in function with various
resources to customize its behavior.  It probably would not take much
to allow a custom function for message headers, completely overriding
MHonArc's builtin routine (and related resources).

I owe you a beer.  Drop me a note next time your in the SillyValley

I have been living in SillyValley area for than a year.  However, I
will be moving back to TX at the end of the month.  But, I will be
flying into SillyValley on a periodic basis since I will still be
working for Excite(_at_)Home(_dot_)  They agreed to allow me to work remotely
instead of taking the risk of having me leave the company.


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