Re: Using mhonarc as a news archiver

2000-04-10 04:20:07
Earl Hood schrieb:

On March 31, 2000 at 09:32, Thomas Rother wrote:

We want to make the archives directly on the server, by accessing the
var/spool/news directory.

I believe inn stores data compatible with MH mail folders: Each
post is in a separate file with a numeric filename.  If so, you
can just give the directory holding the posts as the folder
argument to mhonarc.

Sorry for the break, I want to go on here with this thread ;-). What we need
primarily, is an algorithm which ist able to do the following:

- to go into a specific var /spool news directory, grab any message written
within a specific date range.
- sort all this content by month, parse it procmail (as proposed by Denis
McKeon) and then let mhonrc do the html conversion job.

The tricky thing seems to be the grab/sort stuff: Note that the simple check
of the file date in /var/spool/news is NOT sufficient, because this may not
be identical with the date header of the message!

Another question: If mhonarc archives are separated by month, how are those
threads handled which continue in a following month? Is there a dirrect link
between subsequent threads/months?

Gaia eV, Stuttgart/Germany

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