Re: Using mhonarc as a news archiver

2000-04-10 15:46:04
We have INN 2.x - that should work.

Sorry about the delayed response...  Playing catch-up today.

        We lost our feed and our ISP won't let us do anything through
       inn -- we need to use suck or something (which I don't want to

Hm, I think we have at least some of that but it would not make sense to
create an innfeed from Germany to Illinois ;-)

:)  OK...

Anyhow, here's how I did it...  By adding this to my newsfeeds file:

      :/usr/bin/procmail -m /etc/news/

Basically, each message gets pumped into procmail, using the specified
procmailrc file as a filter.  In my case, I'm only searching certain
groups for URLs and saving them in a flat text file, so my
file says:


   :0 h
   * ^Newsgroups: (.*rec\.gardens|.*botany|.*herbs)
      :0 B
      * ^.*\/http://[^><   ]+
      * ! ? echo $MATCH | fgrep -i -f /var/spool/news/urlcache
         OUTPUT=`echo $MATCH >> /var/spool/news/urlcache`

         | /usr/lib/news/bin/mail2news urls

It's not perfect (because it only matches the first URL), but it's
sufficient for what I'm doing.  And, as I mentioned earlier, I don't
have a newsfeed anymore anyhow, so there's really no point in cleaning
it up.  :)

In your case, you could do something like:

   :/usr/bin/formail -s /usr/local/bin/mhonarc -add

in your newsfeeds file (you may not even need formail), or if you want
to use a procmailrc, figure out the archive date and pump to MHonArc 
from there.

Does this make any sense?


P.S.  Remove the !mallorn reference in your case; that's just what
      our local groups start with.

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