Re: Using mhonarc as a news archiver

2000-04-10 17:34:24
Christopher Lindsey <lindsey(_at_)ncsa(_dot_)uiuc(_dot_)edu> writes:

We have INN 2.x - that should work.

Sorry about the delayed response...  Playing catch-up today.

        We lost our feed and our ISP won't let us do anything through
       inn -- we need to use suck or something (which I don't want to

Hm, I think we have at least some of that but it would not make sense to
create an innfeed from Germany to Illinois ;-)

:)  OK...

Anyhow, here's how I did it...  By adding this to my newsfeeds file:

      :/usr/bin/procmail -m /etc/news/

Basically, each message gets pumped into procmail, using the specified
procmailrc file as a filter.  In my case, I'm only searching certain
groups for URLs and saving them in a flat text file, so my
file says:


   :0 h
   * ^Newsgroups: (.*rec\.gardens|.*botany|.*herbs)
      :0 B
      * ^.*\/http://[^><   ]+
      * ! ? echo $MATCH | fgrep -i -f /var/spool/news/urlcache
         OUTPUT=`echo $MATCH >> /var/spool/news/urlcache`

         | /usr/lib/news/bin/mail2news urls


This looks alot like something I've wanted to do, and tinkered with
for a while.

Sorry for being dense here but it isn't clear to my inexperienced eye
how the news messages are coming in to be redirected to procmail.

For my purpose I want to somehow get the nntp data that my newsclient
(Gnus) uses, split it to procmail for filtering etc but also keep the
normal input to Emacs/Gnus news client intact.

Probably need some more direct way of getting nntp data to procmail
but don't really understand how that would be done.

It isn't clear to me if procmail is capable of handling a raw nntp
message without somekind of conversion to one or another mail format.

Anyhow, here's how I did it...  By adding this to my newsfeeds file:

Is this part of an news client setup?

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