Re: Using mhonarc as a news archiver

2000-04-12 00:48:55
Somewhere I got the idea that the hallmark 'From ' line and space at
the end that are the earmarks of unix-message format, were required
for procmail to work.  Is this not the case?  Still haven't had a
chance to experiment to find out for sure.

You really only need the "From " line if you're storing more than one
message in a single file; that line is used as a delimiter in the 
commonly used Berkely mailbox format.

So if you're feeding one message at a time into procmail, there's
no need to add the leading "From ".  If you want to save all messages
into a single file and have it readable by most mail-aware software, 
then you'll need to pipe it into formail first.  This generates a 
leading "From " line:

   formail < message > mbox.out

Of course, locking, etc. come into play if this is being automated...

Since I think I'm straying from the realm of MHonArc, send me a personal
reply if you have any questions or anything...


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