2000-04-24 16:06:23

Hello all...

I know that this is covered in the FAQ, the full docs, and in the archives
of this list, but I've studied all of them and just can't seem to get
things working.

Ok.. From the beginning...
I'm using Wilma, Mhonarc and Glimpse to put up searchable Majordomo
archives.  I am producing the index-es nightly with the command
wilma-reindex.  The problem that I'm having is that we use Qmail here, and
as a result, the archives are separated by:

Delivered-To: email(_at_)address(_dot_)dom

Rather than the typical:
From ...

So, I'm trying to get a Perl regex line properly formed to split the
messages where they should be.  Currently, it splits them based on the
file.  I have only novice knowledge of regex, and virtually no knowledge
of Perl, so I'm really in a bind.  Is there anyone who could piece
together a line for me?

Thanks a million for your help!!!

Best regards,

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