New user question

2000-04-26 08:22:10
Good morning!

I am new to Mhonarc and am using it on a Win 98 SE machine.

The latest version of ActiveState Perl is installed and is in the c:\perl
directory. I ran the Perl script and it went fine (as far as I
can tell) and I installed everything to the c:\mhonarc directory.

For a test, I copied the in.mbx file from my Eudora 3.x installation to the
c:\mhonarc directory. I then run:

perl in.mbx

As a result, I get the following error message: did not return a true value at line 39

So, I am a little stumped by this one. Could anyone point me in the right
direction as to what I have done wrong here?

Thanks very much!


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