Re: New user question

2000-04-26 13:28:53
On April 26, 2000 at 07:12, meijin wrote:

I am new to Mhonarc and am using it on a Win 98 SE machine.

The latest version of ActiveState Perl is installed and is in the c:\perl
directory. I ran the Perl script and it went fine (as far as I
can tell) and I installed everything to the c:\mhonarc directory.
As a result, I get the following error message: did not return a true value at line 39

Open in a text editor to see if the file is truncated.
For version 2.4.6 of MHonArc should be 1343 lines in
length.  The last line of the file should have the following:


If the file looks okay, it could be a problem with perl on Win98 SE.  I
do not recall that any other Windows users have had the problem you are
experiencing.  I just installed MHonArc v2.4.6 under WinNT with
ActiveState's latest Perl build, and it appears to work okay.  I
have had no problems in the past installing MHonArc on Win9x and
WinNT systems.

Do have access to a regular Windows systems to see if the problem
is specific to SE?