Re: Converting html back to mailbox format?

2000-05-08 14:59:29
On April 26, 2000 at 15:19, Louis Proyect wrote:

Has anybody written a perl script to convert mhonarc msg html to standard
Internet RSC mailbox format? I want to add old archives to the mail-archive
website, but neglected to save the mailbox data that created them originally.

A robust script is tough to write since dealing with messages with
attachments are tricky to reconstruct.

For message headers, the special comment declarations at the top
can be used to reconstruct the basic headers.  For the body, you
can use text/html media-type so trying to reconstruct to the
original media-type(s) can be bypassed.  You will have to do
a little work to deal with attachments.  Those messages would
have to be converted to MHTML.


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