Re: Old listserv archives won't convert

2000-05-10 11:13:17

Earl Hood wrote:
As far as I can tell, they're identical in the significant ways. The Sender
is a .bitnet address in the non-functional ones, but ...

Some follow-up has occured in private.  For those curious, the problem
with the old archive is that the message headers were not properly
terminated as defined by RFC822.  The blank line between the headers
and the bodies have a SPACE character.

First, many, _many_, thanks to Earl for diagnosing this. I'd never
have uncovered it. 

Second, just for the record, the old archives did come from a VM
Listserv (CMS) and had something ...odd... on that line. 
I got rid of them only with 
sed '^..$' archivename > newarchivename
(Actually embedded in a much longer sed script, but that's the gist.)

It _looks_ like a space, but isn't, and looks like one character,
but isn't. The beginning of line operator, two single character wildcards,
and end of line operator gets it, though.

Thanks again,

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