Bug or my own error?

2000-05-15 16:13:37

To:  Mhonarc mailing list
From:  Ed Wright JPL

I use mhonarc to convert mail messages to html and
extract the MIME data as one would expect.  However,
I execute mhonarce from a Perl script aliased against
the mail address.

My needs require a mail message written to temp file,
mhonarc process this file and writes the html out to a
explicitly name file. In order to accomplish this, my
script runs mhonarc twice, once to convert the MIME data
and write the converted file, then again to write the
html file with the proper external file name.

The setup has the following structure

 mail -> run perl script in a secure directory writes a temp file
         to  another directory then
      -> run mhonarc from its directory (twice) to create
         an html file and the deMIMEed file

The script executes mhonarc in this fashion

my $mhonarc = "$MHONARC_APP -outdir $MESSAGE_PATH -single ".
              " -stdin $Src_file -stdout $Html_file";

unlink "$Html_file";

$mhonarc = "$MHONARC_APP -single -stdin $Src_file -stdout $Html_file";

Is there a better way to do things.

Second.  The technique previously described may be goofy,
but did function properly until recently.  A mail file with
a gif attachment sent from an SGI IRIX via netscape's mail app
worked, send the same file (exactly the same) from a Mac or Solaris
and the output html file always points to gif00000.gif.

Any ideas why.

The diff between the two mail files...

< Subject: New Mhonarc test
< Content-Type: multipart/mixed; boundary="------------9684AD6E7946F3138757D3CA"
Subject: ENB test
Content-Type: multipart/mixed;
< --------------9684AD6E7946F3138757D3CA
< ENTRY_TIME  =   2000 MAY 15 17:25:07
< AUTHOR  =  EDW 4
ENTRY_TIME  =   2000 MAY 15 17:31:45
< Test of new Mhonarc.  A butterfly image
< (I hope).
< --------------9684AD6E7946F3138757D3CA
< Content-Type: image/gif; name="mhastampw_t.gif"
Another test
Content-Type: image/gif;
< Content-Disposition: inline; filename="mhastampw_t.gif"
Content-Disposition: inline;
< --------------9684AD6E7946F3138757D3CA

As always,
Ed Wright


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