Re: Bug or my own error?

2000-05-15 16:50:19
On May 15, 2000 at 13:17, "Ed D. Wright" wrote:

My needs require a mail message written to temp file,
mhonarc process this file and writes the html out to a
explicitly name file. In order to accomplish this, my
script runs mhonarc twice, once to convert the MIME data
and write the converted file, then again to write the
html file with the proper external file name.

I am a little unclear if you are using mhonarc as basic
MIME decoder or as a single mail message converter to HTML
with the desire to have filenames of attachments set to
the name given in the message.

If you want to just decode messages, use mha-decode.  See appendix of
the documentation for usage.

For HTML conversion, you need to use the "usename" option to
the filter if you want preserve the filename of
attachments (caveat securty risks).  See the MIMEFILTERS and MIMEARGS
resource pages of the docs for more information.

As for the bug you mentioned, what version of MHonArc are you


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