OtherIndexes and prev/next links in message?

2000-06-01 09:39:37
Hi there!

I've recently started using MHonArc and I've stumbled over a little
problem. My goal is to have an archive with _three_ indexes. That is
indexes sorted by date, thread and author. 

I've succeeded in creating the 'main' index file for each of these using
<OtherIndexes>, but when viewing a single message I would like to have
the possibility of going to the next/prev messages for _all_ indexes.
Today it seems like I only can this for thread and date. (I've chosen
author to be my other index-file)

What I've done so far is to search the documentation, and skimm the
mailing-list archive. But I've found no answers.

Is what I want possible?  If it's not in the present version is it
possible that this functionality will come someday?

Even Holen
<><   Even Holen, evenh(_at_)pvv(_dot_)ntnu(_dot_)no,   :-)

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