Re: OtherIndexes and prev/next links in message?

2000-06-05 12:17:29
On June 1, 2000 at 16:11, Even Holen wrote:

I've succeeded in creating the 'main' index file for each of these using
<OtherIndexes>, but when viewing a single message I would like to have
the possibility of going to the next/prev messages for _all_ indexes.
Today it seems like I only can this for thread and date. (I've chosen
author to be my other index-file)

What I've done so far is to search the documentation, and skimm the
mailing-list archive. But I've found no answers.

Is what I want possible?  If it's not in the present version is it
possible that this functionality will come someday?

Only next/prev links are provided for the main index and the
thread index.  The main index defaults to date sorting, but you
can change it.

The main reasons that next/prev links are not provided for
OtherIndexes are as follows:

  o  Processing overhead:  For each otherindex, a sort would need to
        be done.  This adds extra processing overhead for each

  o  Message page updating logic would be more complicated: Basically
        mhonarc would have to be changed to preload otherindex data
        before reading in messages in order to properly tag existing
        messages as dirty (i.e. need to be updated).  This
        is a significant change to existing code and adds extra

Some of these limitations occur because of the static page model
mhonarc uses.  If mhonarc used a dynamic page model, with an underlying
relational database, some of these limitation would not exist since
performance overhead can be used by leverage the RDBMS, and rendered
pages would be generated dynamically, so message page updates is a
non-issue.  However, such a system is a complete rewrite of mhonarc,
and also complicates the installation and usage of the product.

Note, custom patches can probably be done to get the basic effect
you want, but general next/prev link support for all OtherIndexes
will not exist in mhonarc unless/until a rewrite is done supporting
a dynamic model.


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