Re: broken threading

2000-06-05 12:40:05
On April 28, 2000 at 15:49, John Hogan wrote:

I had to rebuild a month's worth of archives (we had to change some ad
code in a header file).

Why would messages not thread after a rebuild? I followed the following
- delete .monarch.db and index.html
- inside the directory, run mha-dbrecover
- run mhonarc -editidx -treverse -reverse -rcfile /path/to/rcsfile

First, I have to ask why did you use mha-dbrecover?  If you are
just changing layout, just use -editidx, that will re-edit all

As for messages not threading, I assume you mean that a thread index
is generated, but thread information was lost, and only subject-based
threading is getting applied.  Without seeing your data, it
is hard to tell what may be the problem, if any.  Since the old thread
index is probably deleted, one cannot make a visual comparison between
the old thread index and the new.

I can only speculate that reference message-id information got
lost during mha-dbrecover.  What version of MHonArc are you using?
What version of MHonArc was used when the archive was first created?


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