Re: Controlling text/html vs text/plain

2000-06-18 16:16:46
On June 17, 2000 at 11:14, J C Lawrence wrote:

When archiving a message which contains a multiplart/alternative
which contains a text/html and text/plain parts, what's the
configuration for MHonArc to pick the text/plain part and ignore the

multiplart/alternative processing follows RFC guidelines.  So for the
case you have mentioned, if there is a a filter for text/html, and it
returns a non-empty string, then it will be used over the text/plain

You could register the null filter to text/html.  However, this will
cause all text/html not to be handled, even for
non-multiplart/alternative messages.

To avoid this would require code changes.  It may be possible to modify to support enhancements to how multiplart/alternative data
is processed, bu I am unsure what kind of resource interface would
exist that hooks into what ever is implemented.


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