"possible follow ups" text

2000-06-19 19:21:18
After applying Earl's "case insensitivity" patch, I find the subject
threading of our Mercury/32 archives to be greatly enhanced. Nearly all
our "repeat subject" threads have been separated now.

Few questions:

1. Is it possible (using a resource) to get rid of the text that says
"possible follow ups"; it's just that since our archives have no
"references" or "in-reply-to" fields, it means the text appears against
every conversation.

2. I know how to adjust the main title of the list for the index page,
but how do you adjust the title for the "threads" index? When I say
"title" I mean the big text at the top of the index page, not the title
of the browser window.

Thanks for any help.
Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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