2000-06-20 17:52:05
On Tue, 20 Jun 2000 13:21:17 -0700 
Earl Hood <ehood(_at_)hydra(_dot_)acs(_dot_)uci(_dot_)edu> wrote:

On June 20, 2000 at 10:59, J C Lawrence wrote:
No matter if I use the default value for FOLUPLITXT or REFSLITXT
or define my own, the value of $FROM$, when expanded, is not
wrapped in an a-ref.  Conversely, $FROM$ in every other context
I've tried is wrapped in an a-ref.

I am confused.  $FROM$ by itself just returns the full text of the
the From: field (or equivalent as determined by FROMFIELDS).  Any
anchor markup comes from something else.

Good point.  Aww, shoot, it is MAILTO doing it for the message
headers inside of FLDBEG/FLDEND, not the $FROM$ etc itself.  It also
happens for free inside a TSLICE.  Sorry, my goof.  I'll build the
markup for FOLUPLITXT and REFSLITXT manually to a-ref wrap the

  <li><strong>$SUBJECT$</strong>, <em>$FROMNAME$</em> &lt;<a 

I thought there was a token to scan message bodies for addresses to
a-wrap, much as it scans them for URLs, no?

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