Sort after number of replies?

2000-07-07 18:56:07
I dont currently think it is possible to sort the 
index-file or rather thread file according to the
number of replies.

I would be a nice feature IMHO.

Reason - If we run a mailing list where we want to make
sure that everyone gets at least one reply, then this
sorting would be very nice.

Assume mails

M1   <- mail one
M1-1 <- reply to mail M1
M1-2 <- second reply to mail M1
M2   <- mail two
M1-3 <- third reply to mail M1
M3   <- mail three
M2-1 <- first reply to mail two
M0-X <- some reply to a previous mail unaccounted for.

Layout I could like in the overview file

M0-X  bla bla title

M3 bla bla title



and so on

Can this be done easy?

Peter Toft, Ph.D. [pto(_at_)sslug(_dot_)dk]

"You don't win a battle by asking, `Will we win?' 
You win it by doing your best to win"
- Richard M Stallman

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