Re: FYI: XML-based mhonarc archive

2000-07-11 11:14:09
On Tue, 11 Jul 2000 13:31:38 +0200 
Ulrich Mayring <ulim(_at_)denic(_dot_)de> wrote:

The thing is not perfect, for example if there are non-Unicode
characters in the email, then the XML parser will throw an
exception and quit. Perhaps someone knows how I can suppress such
characters, in my case it was a ^P character. The mail itself was
labelled as text/plain, so mhonarc passed its contents through

I have the same problem with MHonArc throwing out PHP variable
assigment files: Occassionally people send messages containing
control characters (^X, ^Z, and ^_ seem to be popular) amd PHP burps
on them (message in syslog).Currently I'm using a post-process sed
script to whack the unwanted characters.

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