Re: FYI: XML-based mhonarc archive

2000-07-11 15:12:12
On July 11, 2000 at 08:53, J C Lawrence wrote:

I have the same problem with MHonArc throwing out PHP variable
assigment files: Occassionally people send messages containing
control characters (^X, ^Z, and ^_ seem to be popular) amd PHP burps
on them (message in syslog).Currently I'm using a post-process sed
script to whack the unwanted characters.

I guess PHP is not liberal about what is allowed in strings.

A more efficient solution is to modify the text filters to strip out,
or replace, non-printable characters.  Probably make it optional since
it will not be safe for cases where control codes are part of the
character set (like Japanese messages).  Hmmmm, it may have to be
associated with character sets.

For individual cases, you could add a line to the text filter(s)
to remove non-printable characters if it is safe to do so for messages
you archive.


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