Re: MHonArc and Verity

2000-07-12 00:39:06
On July 11, 2000 at 17:34, Dorothy Firsching wrote:

I just put up Verity on my site and find that it will search about anything 
except that it gets hung up, I think, on the comments in the 
MHonArc-generated .html files.  It finds the thread and date indexes if you 
search on "order", for instance, but not something in the document titles 
in those indexes, and does not find anything in the message documents. 
However, it will work just fine if I delete the <!-- comments -->.

I seem to recall having read something about this a long time ago.


Is this the case?  Is there any configuration tweak to Verity or to MHonArc 
that is recommended, for the least impact on an existing archive?

First, complain to Verity for giving you a defective product, especially
for how much they charge for it.

A possible work around is to use the SSMARKUP resource.  Try the following:


Note, the various *PGBEGIN resources include a <!DOCTYPE> declaration,
but the browsers will probably ignore it.  If it is a problem, you can
edit the *PGBEGIN resources to not contain the <!DOCTYPE> declaration.


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