Re: The fundamentals of MHonArc...

2000-07-12 01:14:21
On July 6, 2000 at 17:22, ERIC PRETORIOUS wrote:
What I'm struggling with most in
attempting to employ MHonArc on our intranet is understanding the
fundamental strategy...

Earl Hood wrote:
The example I provided may or may not be helpful to you.  However,
seeing examples does help you figure out what is possible and what
may work for you.

Louis Proyect wrote:
I have no idea why my last post got so messed up, but in any case I have
put it out on website in a readable format:

Gerry Hickman wrote:
In my own case (bear in mind I'm running NT with Mercury/32), the answer


Thank you all very much for all of your patience and support. I think I
understand now.

Eric P.
SunPS Web Infrastructure Team