Re: The fundamentals of MHonArc...

2000-07-07 12:39:08
What I'm struggling with most in
attempting to employ MHonArc on our intranet is understanding the
fundamental strategy: How to get messages from wherever-they-come-from
to the archive.

In my own case (bear in mind I'm running NT with Mercury/32), the answer
is that I have to do it manually (once per month) at the moment.
Mercury/32 creates separate monthly archives for each mailing list you
have. Each "archive" is just a huge text file with message separators.

It's very quick to update the archive, just a simple command line takes
care of it, and MHonArc processes around 500 messages in 5 seconds.

The downside, of course, is that the most recent messages are never
shown in the archive.

In our specific situation, this is not a problem because the new mail
still resides in the client software on each desktop, however a fully
automated system my become desirable in the future.

In order to get this to work in my own setup, I'd probably need to
switch from using monthly archives to adding individual messages.

I imagine you could just run MHonArc on a schedule over and over again
and it would know if any new messages had been added. How effecient this
would be I'm not sure, and it may be better to use VBScript or similar
to check for new messages first and only invoke MHonArc if they exist.

Also, I really would like to know how to create
maillists for each month's messages but don't quite understand what that
requires either.

Not sure what you mean here by "maillists" ??

Gerry Hickman (London UK)