The fundamentals of MHonArc...

2000-07-06 19:35:28
As you've probably heard enough times by now:

I've inherited a MHonArc installation that uses the /etc/mail/aliases
file to pass incoming messages to a wrapper script that calls MHonArc
and adds the command-line options. e.g.,

The /etc/mail/aliases file contains this entry:
eric: "| /Apps/MHonArc2.0.1/webnewmail-eric"

Because I'm not an experienced systems admin. I'm not familiar with mail
transfer agents (like MH or sendmail) and I don't have much of an idea
of how most administrators/webmasters employ MHonArc. (I'm doing this
job because - believe it or not - I'm the most technical person in our
understaffed little web-department.) What I'm struggling with most in
attempting to employ MHonArc on our intranet is understanding the
fundamental strategy: How to get messages from wherever-they-come-from
to the archive. Also, I really would like to know how to create
maillists for each month's messages but don't quite understand what that
requires either. I've almost read the entire manual (including the
QuickStart Guide) but - like I said - I just don't have the
experience/background to know what to do with all of this.

Looking at the server that I've inherited, I understand that the
previous webmaster employed sendmail to pipe messages to MHonArc using
the /etc/mail/aliases file. ( I guess that there aren't any MH
folders to convert or process?) Is this a good approach? In his July 29
message, Bosco Tsang mentioned running MhonArc (on a Windows machine)
daily by using Scheduler. Are there advantages to this approach over the
aliases/pipe approach?

Eric P.
SunPS Web Infrastructure Team

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