Re: The fundamentals of MHonArc...

2000-07-12 17:35:15
Hello Eric,


Thank you all very much for all of your patience and support. I think I
understand now.

Hehe, that's good coz the more I've been thinking about this thread, the
more I like the idea of trying to automate my own setup, so that
messages could be added as they arrive at the mail server.

Unfortunately, I think this would mean ditching the archiving system
within Mercury/32 and instead using mail filter rules to pipe individual
messages to a folder structure, as described by Earl.

This still leaves the problem of how to add the new messages in a
efficient manner. I'm sure MHonArc would quite happily determine which
messages are "new", but I imagine quite a degree of processing would be
needed to do that.

What's really needed is a system that is "event driven", so that a new
message arrival would invoke MHonArc and tell it to only add this
specific message. Whether this is possible under NT I don't know. Any
ideas welcome.
Gerry Hickman (London UK)