Re: Libraries

2000-07-12 18:14:05
ERIC PRETORIOUS wrote: I followed the instructions for a Manual Installation and
extracted MHonArc2.4.6.tar into another directory and copied the /doc
files, the /lib files, the executable file, and the mha* files to the
MHonArc directory and things seem to be working now.

Earl Hood wrote:
What type of filesystem is /home/sunps/Apps/MHonArc2.4.6 on?
What version of Solaris are you running?  What about disk usage?
I.e.  Are you out, or very low, on disk space?

filesystem: UFS
solaris version: 2.6
disk space: currently at 54%, with ~7.9Gb remaining.

Eric P.
SunPS Web Infrastructure Team

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