Re: Libraries

2000-07-08 17:35:31
On July 5, 2000 at 17:49, ERIC PRETORIOUS wrote:

I've inherited a MHonArc installation (v. 2.0.1) that works but I want
to upgrade to the current version (v. 2.4.6).

!!IMPORTANT!!  Read the RELNOTES file about upgrading from the version
you were using.

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
/home/sunps/Apps/MHonArc2.4.6/mhonarc did not return a true value at /home/
sunps/Apps/MHonArc2.4.6/webnewmail-eric line 31.
554 "|/home/sunps/Apps/MHonArc2.4.6/webnewmail-eric"... unknown mailer erro
r 2

What does the contents of /home/sunps/Apps/MHonArc2.4.6/mhonarc
look like?  Also what version of Perl are you using?


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