Re: Invisible threads in lyx-devel(_at_)lists(_dot_)lyx(_dot_)org

2000-07-24 10:52:09

Hi Rae,

I think  you are seeing an issue with MHonArc, where URL of a thread
index page with a particular message will change out from under you if
it is set to show newest threads it the top of the page.

In essence, I think I can't help you except to say "link to messages,
not the index page." I don't think there's an easy solution from
the MHonArc side, but am CCing them just in case.



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Subject: Invisible threads in lyx-devel(_at_)lists(_dot_)lyx(_dot_)org
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I'm a part of the LyX Team and am writing the LyX Development News.
As such I like provide references to threads as well as individual
emails in the archive.  I've noticed that some threads just aren't
appearing in the threaded list at all.  However the individual emails
can be searched for and found.

For example msg12127.html is the start of a thread however if I try to
link to it as:

the page that is shown doesn't have this email or this thread visible
anywhere on it. If I follow the "[earlier emails]" link a couple of
times I eventually reach a point where the email should be visible
(since these threads are ordered by message number of opening message)
it's not there.

There are a couple of other threads doing the same thing.

Allan. (ARRae)

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