Splitting and sorting a big newsfeed archive

2000-07-21 21:17:37
Hello everyone!

Thanks to Nevel Simeon's and Eric Pretorios help I got around
my initial problems with MHonArc, and now have a nice archive. 
Thanks a lot, and sorry for pestering you :)

Anyway, I still have a problem.
I want to archive several Usenet newsgroups.
Some of them I have in Unix Mailbox files (unsorted), the rest
is still available on my news server (over two years worth).
I can dump the news from server to mbx using
on Linux box, or Netscape newsreader. 
However it contains some 80.000 messages spanning two years.
How do I sort and split them into monthly packages _before_
running MHonArc ? I want to have manageable monthly archives.
Does anybody have a perl script to do the job ? 
The bad part is, that I'm working on a W2K box and know
precious little about perl - i.e. I can manage some code changes,
but certainly not writing the whole script :(



Chris Kleszynski + 48(12)632 07 24 +48 602 231 434  ICQ 4330422

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