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2000-07-26 07:13:40
Hi all.

At work we receive lots of mail from windows using employees that send
documents of various kinds as MS Word documents. This is annoying for
those of us using Linux/BSD and also somewhat annoying in the mail
archives. Therefore I created this little filter utilizing wvHtml from the
wv package.

The filter converts Word documents using wvHtml and includes it directly
into the e-mail copy in somewhat the same way as the Html filter does. It
also creates a link to the original Word doc so that readers of the
archive can download the .doc as well.

Requirements for the filter are:
 - MHonarc (duh)
 - Perl (duh2, since MHonarc does so already..)
 - wvHtml (URL:

Images in the wordfile does not work. This is because the version of wv
that I have, doesn't support wmf->image conversion. (I couldn't get the
required libs to compile properly). If someone wants to add that, feel
free to do so.

Using it in an archive require you to add the following to the archive's
application/msword; m2h_application_msword::filter; /path_to_filter/mha_msword.p

Hope this may be useful to others. It has been very useful to me. :)

Frank Ronny Larsen
Nordnorsk Helsenett

Description: Text document

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