Re: Work with individual msgs from M/32

2000-07-31 15:54:48
I'm sure I got this working before, but this time round MHonarc keeps
saying "No new Messages" after reading the source folder. The messages
have random looking names and a "cnm" extension. Does anyone know the
command line syntax for working with individual messages?

You can use the MHPATTERN resource.  When the foldor input is
a directory, MHPATTERN is used to determine which files in the
directory are processed.

Right, I was using MHPATTERN. Anyway I got it working today, but it
seems the problem was to do with trying to invoke MHonArc and process
messages in the same working folder. Yesterday I had all the "test"
messages in a folder and tried to invoke MHonarc from that same folder
and also create the archive in the same folder, but this didn't seem to

When I created a new folder called "mbox" (below the working folder) and
put all the messages in there, it started working. But I don't
understand why it didn't work with messages in the current folder?

Also, I get a warning "Invalid year, using current" on every message. I
imagine this is due to two figure date stamps by Mercury/32? Is there
any way I can avoid this warning message?

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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