Newbie questions

2000-09-12 23:56:27
Hello all, a real newbie here with a couple of questions...

I am running on Win98 SE with Perl and Mhonarc successfully installed. I
took an MBX file from Eudora and was able to successfully bring it into
Mhonarc and process it. However, I see that some email clients are not
inputting a line feed command correctly or it is doing it in such a manner
that Mhonarc is not recognizing it as such. So, I end up with messages that
have a few EXTREMELY long lines. Is there some sort of command line option
that can correct this or set a line length so that the messages are easier
to read?

The second question has to do with customizing the look of the outputted
pages. I am putting these on a web site and the site has a certain layout
design. Is there a way to incorporate a background and a graphic at the top
of the page so that they more seemlessly fit into the design of the web
site? I know this can be done manually, but this is going to be a bit of
work each time that I would rather not do.

Lastly, is there a good simple search engine of any sort that can be
included to search these files?

Thanks much!


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