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2000-09-14 00:34:43

On 12 Sep 2000, at 23:23, meijin wrote:


Since Earl already answered your other questions, I'll address this 

Lastly, is there a good simple search engine of any sort that can 
be included to search these files?

There are a number of search engines available, I use Marc-Search 
which was written specifically for MHonArc.  

the upside is that you can use the full regular expression engine 
underlying Perl to formulate your queries.

The downside is that it actually scans your entire archive (there's 
no pre-indexing) so it can be *very* slow.

Marc-Search used to be available at:

but those pages are gone now.  You can still find it at:

Other people use a combination of Wilma combined with the Glimpse 
search engine.


for some more information.


P.S. I'm still looking for a platform independent search engine I 
could include in a CD-Rom version of my archives if anyone as any 


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