Re: <x-html>

2000-09-22 16:20:57
Thanks fo the link. I had seen this but couldn't see a "solution" in it..

The mentioned test.mbx steve AKA uwb sent you must have been an Eudora mailbox 

I'm getting the warning:  No boundaries found in message body all the time yet 
I get decent results ecept when the msgs have been written with some version of 
MS-Outlook. No matter what one does, ppl still use the "rich text" (html) 

As I can't expect Mr. Bill Gates to get Outlook cleaned up, Qualcomm does not 
aknowledge the missing boundaries bug...what do we have left?
I've seen numerous msgs in the MhonArc list archive mentioning the problem.

You mention in the message below that you'll look into it....any hope of 
success? :-)

A thought: what would happen if MhonArc ignored the <x-html> & </x-html> tags?
Wouldn't that solve our problem?

..hope to read you soon...


At 08:21 PM 9/22/00, Earl Hood wrote:
On September 22, 2000 at 12:00, Alex Broens wrote:

I'm having the same <x-html> problem as our friend in message

Haven't found the solution in the archive...does anybody know a fix or workar



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