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2000-09-23 15:16:08
On September 22, 2000 at 22:38, Alex Broens wrote:

Thanks fo the link. I had seen this but couldn't see a "solution" in it..

Complain to the vendor whose software created invalid MIME messages.

I'm getting the warning:  No boundaries found in message body all the time ye
t I get decent results ecept when the msgs have been written with some versio
n of MS-Outlook. No matter what one does, ppl still use the "rich text" (html

Looks like Outhouse is stripping out the multipart boundaries data in
the message body.

As I can't expect Mr. Bill Gates to get Outlook cleaned up, Qualcomm does not
 aknowledge the missing boundaries bug...what do we have left?

Us poor schmucks to work-around crappy products.

You mention in the message below that you'll look into it....any hope of succ
ess? :-)

A thought: what would happen if MhonArc ignored the <x-html> & </x-html> tags
Wouldn't that solve our problem?

No, the message body has nothing to do with it.  The core of the
problem is that the message is invalid.  There is code in MHonArc to
deal with the case when there are no boundaries found in multipart
messages, however, for the case you (and a previous user) has
encountered, the fallback code is not sufficient.  I can go into the
details of why the output does look the way it does, but you probably
may not care or understand (unless you are familiar mail message
formats and parsing).

So, what I did was beef up MHonArc's handling of malformed multipart
messages.  Attached to this message is a patched version of (the core mail parsing library used in MHonArc).  Replace
your existing (installed) version of with this one and
try it out.


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