Getting started with MHonArc (was `No Subject')

2000-09-26 15:34:41
On September 22, 100 at 07:12, 
pcadena(_at_)bumanga(_dot_)unab(_dot_)edu(_dot_)co wrote:

I'm working with Linux and I'm trying to do a hypermail server using MHonArc.
I downloaded the software and installed it, but now I need to know how can i 
run it? Can you help me?

There is a Quick Start section that gives examples on how to invoke
MHonArc.  Also, the FAQ covers some topics on using MHonArc, so I
recommend reviewing it.

Other thing that I want to know is about how can I see the list of message, a
is there an graphical interface for it?

mhonarc has a -scan option that allows you to get an archive listing
to your terminatl.  See the SCAN resource page of the documentation
and the "Removing Message" portion of the Common Tasks section of
the documentation for more information.

There is an experimental web administration interface in the admin/
directory of the distribution.  Note, I advise caution on using it
for large archives.  Also, if you try it out, try it out on a test
archive first.

If you still have questions, please follow-up to the list.


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