2000-09-26 16:14:44
Hi Paula,

I'm working with Linux

Your date appears to be screwed. It's reading 1970??

and I'm trying to do a hypermail server using MHonArc.
I downloaded the software and installed it, but now I need to know how can i
run it? Can you help me?

I assume you have PERL set up correctly on the linux box? If so, just
type MHonArc at the command line and review the options. You may want to
review the documentation first.

Other thing that I want to know is about how can I see the list of message, 
is there an graphical interface for it?

I think everything has to be done from the command prompt, and it makes
sense, as there's sooooo many options you can choose. You also may wish
to make complex scripts that include calls to MHonArc. I've only ever
run NT, so I'm not sure about Linux related stuff, but I believe the
procedure is very similar.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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