Re: resources & the .db file

2000-10-03 17:10:43
On October 2, 2000 at 21:47, Eric Pretorious wrote:

Which of the resources are stored in the .mhonarch.db file? I thought that I 
read *somewhere* that 
all resources _except_ page-layout resources were stored in the .db file but 
if I omit the -rc 
command-line option everything just reverts to default.

From the documentation:

        All resources, except one-shots, are stored with the archive in
        a simple database. Therefore, after the first time you run
        MHonArc on an archive, you do not need to respecify the
        resources. MHonArc will remember your settings so subsequent
        archive updates are faster to execute.

So, page layout resources are stored.

However, if the SAVERESOURCES resource is turned off, no resource
information will be saved.

Also, if you are not specifying -add, mhonarc creates a new archive;
any existing .mhonarc.db file is ignored.


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