Processing Eudora mailbox files

2000-11-05 13:34:25

A user made availabe a sample Eudora mailbox for me to check out.
Here is what I observed:

  o The .toc file is not applicable to MHonArc.  Only the .mbx
    files are applicable.

  o The MSGSEP resource should be set to the following:

      ^From \?\?\?(_at_)\?\?\?

    I noticed that message body lines starting with "From " are
    not escaped, so you need to redefine MSGSEP as above to avoid
    messages from getting split that contain lines starting with
    "From ".

  o Eudora does not preserve multipart message bodies, but does
    not modify the message headers to reflect this.  This is why
    you may get "Warning: No boundaries found in message body"
    messages.  MHonArc will fallback to processing the message
    as a text/plain message, so you can ignore these warnings.

    However, it should be noted that MHonArc is not processing
    the original message data as sent by the sender of the message.
    Therefore, attachments are not seen by MHonArc since it
    Eudora extracts them out.

    Now, one could tweak the text/plain filter to check for
    "Attachment Converted: " lines at the bottom of a file and
    copy the file at given pathname over into the archive.  This
    will only work if the mailbox is being processed on the same
    system that attachment was extracted.

In sum, MHonArc can process Eudora mailbox files, but there are
some limitations as noted above due to how Eudora stores messages.
If it can be arranged, for best results, have MHonArc process the
original raw message, by-passing Eudora.


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